Have you ever had a similar kind of absolute resolve about a situation?

Reflecting on your own situation, what caused you to hold so firmly to your decision?
Are there beliefs you have held strongly that were later tested by a situation in your life?


Stacey’s mom, Theresa, had to find her own strength and conviction to support her child through this process.

What was the turning point for her?
When have you experienced a “turning point” that required you to fully trust in God’s plan?


On the day the two lab results were so dramatically different, Stacey states, “prayers answered.”

Have you ever had your prayers answered in a dramatic way? What helps you to know God is involved and it is not just a coincidence?
Why is it important to involve others in your prayer requests? How often are you vulnerable enough to share your needs with others?
When YOU are asked to pray for others, how committed are you to actually doing it on a regular basis and/or truly believing in the power of the prayers you are lifting on their behalf?


Many people feel that in the case of the mother’s life, abortion is the best option.
Stacey states that even though the doctors told her abortion was her ONLY option, she felt it was NEVER an option for her stating, “who am I to end her life to save my own”.

Is there anything in Stacey’s story that could cause you to re-think that viewpoint?
How does your faith guide you on these types of decisions?


Stacey’s story is one of JOY, FEAR, AND ABSOLUTE RESOLVE.

Consider ONE way her story spoke to you.